Saturday, 20 July 2019

Good morning everyone,

It is such a beautiful day in Geelong this morning. I am sitting here in my home studio with the window wide open, bright and warm sunlight coming through. Listening to the birds singing along. Just perfect to do my blog early today!

As promised this weekend we will talk about stitches. I picked 3 simple stitches that I use the most in my works. Enjoy reading…

Back stitch

  • Bring the needle up from the back, pulling the thread through
  • Taking a stitch back and pull the thread through
  • Make another stitch to the front
  • Insert the needle at the beginning of the previous stitch
  • Repeat, making the stitch as long or as short as you wish but keep the same length for a neat and tidy look

Satin stitch

  • Start with a basic strait stitch
  • Create a second stitch next to the first
  • Continue making stitches next to the last
  • Repeat until your design is filled

French knot

  • Bring the thread up from the back
  • Firmly wrap the thread around the needle
  • Plunge the needle back into the fabric and slowly pull through

I hope today blog is useful and that you will get some ideas to start your first piece. You can see more of my works on ‘Online Shop’ or social medias Instagram and Facebook.

If you have any questions or like to leave some comments please do so 🙂 *Don’t worry when it asks you for email, only myself can see this bit not the public.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you again next week 🙂