Saturday, 3 August 2019

Good morning everyone,

Another week has gone…and we are in August! How fast it is! I feel like I was just working on my 2019 plans and New Year solutions just a couple of days ago.

Anyway, that’s how life running isn’t’ it. We must be having a good time, that’s why the times go so fast!

Today we are going to continue the second part of the juicy pineapple that we draw last week. We going to transfer to the calico cotton and start to stitch.

When we draw the thick black texture over the pencil we could just put the calico cotton on top and tracing the picture through. If you are working on this process at night time you may need the ipad or tablet under the picture to help as the light box.

Now you got your pineapple on the calico cotton. Time to hoop it up 🙂

Unscrew the top of the hoop and separate the small and big circle. Place the calico cotton on the small on and place the big one on top.

Screw the top while stretching the calico cotton as tight as you can.

With the embroidery floss, you can see there are 2 paper wraps on it. They are not just the logo and product detail, but also the guideline of which way to pull the thread. Pull it from the bottom paper wrap down, so the thread.

I use 6 strand embroidery floss. to separate them, grab the end of the thread and tear them apart. Pull 1 thread out slowly.

I use the threader to help to put the thread through the embroidery needle. If you are not sure what is the threader, please see detail on my previous blog in the topic ‘What We Need For Embroidery’ published on Saturday, 13 July 2019

Tie the knot at the end of the thread and start stitching. I usually look for the straight line where I can continue the stitches smoothly without having to stop. I use backstitch on all the picture. See how to do backstitch on my previous blog ‘3 Simple Stitches’ published on Saturday, 20 July 2019

Here you got your pineapple! You can apply the watercolor on it to make it more colorful. You can take your finished artwork off and frame it or just leave it in the hoop like mine.

If you not sure what type of equipment to use, you could start with using the same as what I use then develop to your style. I have them available on my online shop here or if you are around Geelong or Melboune. Come see them at the weekend markets I attend. See details of my upcoming market here

I hope you enjoy reading and get the idea of how I do it. If you have any questions or wanting to share, please feel free to leave the comment. *Don’t worry when it asks you for email, only myself can see this, not the public.

🙂 Jo