The Colouful Cactus

Good evening everyone,

Spring has been here for a week and I was so happy to feel the warmth of the sunlight. Today was a bit funny though, wet and warm pretty much all day. Poor my market friends whos are out there trying to make money for their life.

Talking about the market, the season is back! My first one for this season is next Sunday the 15th September at Torquay Cowrie Market. Finger crosses for the mother of nature.

I will have more variety of DIY kits at the market this season. The illustration version will still be available, including the most popular pick Kombi and Happy Campers! I will be adding some more colours. Cacti and Rainbow. That’s right those colourfull 4 stripe rainbow that I have recently posted on the social media, you will be able to join me too. They are so much fun!

To warm you up, today I pick one of my Cactus DIY kit and show you want inside and what you will get when you finish.

This beautiful kit including
-Pattern on the 15cm Hoop
-All colours cotton flosses
-Instructions: both writing and drawing

We will use Satin stitch for the whole process. See how to do Satin stitch on my previous blog ‘How I stitch’

I started with the two tones pink pot.

Follow by each strip of the cactus.

Once finished the cactus, add the yellow flower.

There you have it. The colourful cactus. The most enjoyable process on this small hoop is filling all stripe with Satin stitches. It is time-consuming, but believe me, it is so relaxing. Turn your favourite music or podcast on, and maybe a cuppa. Before you know it, you will have your proud embroidery cacti by yourself.

Feel free to contact me if you have some questions by leave me some comment here, Direct message on Instagram and Facebook or email

See you next week 🙂