Saturday, 28 September 2019

Today I have decided to step back from the weekly blog. Well, you probably have seen that my consistency here is not really good in the past few weeks.

I have my website for 9, nearly 10 months now. This is my online home, apart from Instagram and Facebook that you probably follow. Thank you so much if you are 🙂 I love reading and listening to the podcast. I got so many ideas that I like to try here. One of them is being a blogger and maybe lead to the writer later on. You never try, you never know. Well, I think I know now that it is not for me. I guess this is one of those things that I gave it a go and didn’t quite work. I love reading, listening, and of course embroidery. But I didn’t like writing that much compare to those 3….But hey at least I try, right?

I may come back every now and then if I have a long story to share that I think it is the better way than Instagram and Facebook. You still can see me and my work on those 2 channels. Don’t worry as long as Mark Zuckerberg allowing us to continue using his platform, I will still using it. Because I love it so much, especially Instagram. A smart and nice looking platform where I can create and share my photo and video of my work.

I think to take this step back, it is enough for now for 1 person who works full time, Monday to Friday and running the best on her hobby business.

WOW! that’s actually a huge relief! Now I can focus and put all of my energy on what I love to do…create simple, unique and interesting embroidery!

See you on Instagram and Facebook!