Pop in to see my creations in our local shops in Geelong

The commercial world is full of companies that all offer basically identical options. It’s hard to find anything that is entirely unique anymore. However, when you are going off the beaten track and looking at local options, you’ll find that you will be able to get that character that you want and need for a gift or just something special for yourself and your home.

There’s no question that the job market is tight these days, and by shopping local, you are keeping a business open (one that cares about you) and giving people jobs within it so that you can help the local economy in more ways than one.

Here are my stockists I have in our Geelong community. Please visit and support them when you get a chance.

National Wool Museum Geelong

You can find all of my DIY Kits here

26 Moorabool St, Geelong VIC 3220

Opening Hours: 

Monday 9:30am–5pm

Tuesday 9:30am–5pm

Wednesday 9:30am–5pm

Thursday 9:30am–5pm

Friday 9:30am–5pm

Saturday 10am–5pm

Sunday 10am–5pm


Jade and May Geelong

You can find all of my finished embroidery arts here

17a Rutland St, Newtown VIC 3220

Opening Hours: 

Monday Closed

Tuesday 9:30am–4pm

Wednesday 9:30am–4pm

Thursday 9:30am–4pm

Friday 9:30am–4pm

Saturday 9:30am–2pm

Sunday Closed